Greg Gutfeld: Once again the media and Democrats are in cahoots

Gutfeld: We screwed our country to protect the media’s mental health ‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses president’s job performance after approval rating hits new low So Joe Biden’s approval ratings dropped to 38% according to the latest poll. That honeymoon ended faster than Ilhan Omar’s and her brother’s.  It’s no surprise – the presidency is unraveling faster […]

Greg Gutfeld: What happened to the progressive women who once cared about women?

Gutfeld: What happened to the progressive women who once cared about women? ‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema being harassed in bathroom over infrastructure vote Happy Wednesday everyone. Another glorious day in the People’s Republic of Biden. Where every day the great unifier leads us down a path of chaos.  But before we dive […]

Greg Gutfeld: So-called consensus shields idiots from accountability

Gutfeld: We are living in a world run by idiots "Gutfeld!" panel react to the chaos in Afghanistan, lack of accountability from U.S. leaders So, we are living in a world run by idiots. Where every day something more idiotic presents itself like a giddy polka-dot-wearing moron blowing a kazoo from his butt. It’s like […]

Greg Gutfeld: There's a huge contrast between what's true, and what's written

Gutfeld: You don’t know how wrong the media is until you’re the subject ‘Gutfled!’ panel discusses why Americans distrust the media So, you know what I love more than world peace, red wine, and light bondage? A poll on American distrust in the media. It’s like injecting adorable puppies into my waiting veins! And lo […]

Greg Gutfeld: Media the most egocentric fools on the planet

Gutfeld: Media are the most ‘egocentric fools’ on the planet ‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to the media discussing their trauma from Jan. 6 According to Vice News, which apparently still exists, folks in the media are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the January 6 breach of the capitol.  In fact, some reporters won’t even […]

Greg Gutfeld: We came home empty-handed from Biden-Putin summit

Gutfeld: Biden-Putin summit fallout ‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the high-profile meeting between the two world leaders Putin remained as cool as Fonzie locked in a walk-in freezer in the summit with Biden. Joe was as defensive as me when my wife finds me googling leather headgear.  So, was anything accomplished? Joe making it through the whole […]