Delta says fuel price surge will cause quarterly loss

Aircraft industry seeking Fed assistance for fuel FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn discusses how U.S. airlines are going green for a cost. Delta Air Lines Inc. warned on Wednesday that rising jet fuel prices were likely to stunt the airline’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Atlanta-based Delta sees fuel prices rising to $2.25 to $2.40 […]

Fuel crisis: UK government mobilises reserve tanker fleet and army

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng confirms 150 soldiers being trained to deliver supplies to petrol stations Last modified on Wed 29 Sep 2021 11.09 EDT The government’s reserve tanker fleet has been deployed to help tackle the fuel supply crisis at UK petrol stations, as soldiers train to join the distribution effort within days. The business […]

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How can government slow the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.? Look to America’s unique epidemic engines: jails and prisons in America. Extremely high rates of incarceration in the U.S. undercut national public health and safety. The overcrowded, tight quarters in jails fuel constant risks of outbreaks. Add to that the daily movement of 420,000 […]

Can my car run on E10 fuel and will it damage my engine?

A NEW biofuel is replacing regular unleaded petrol from September 2021. Drivers across the UK have understandably been left with questions about how E10 – which contains 10 per cent ethanol – might affect their cars. We explain. Can my car run on E10 fuel? More than 95 per cent of petrol-powered cars currently on […]

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An innovative approach to treating bone tumors—starving cancer cells of the energy they need to grow—could one day provide an alternative to a commonly used chemotherapy drug without the risk of severe side effects, doxycycline for sale suggests a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Studying human cancer cells and […]

How the global fossil fuel divestment push is testing Australia’s resolve

You've probably never heard of Rupert Read, the philosophy academic with a collection of colourful waistcoats working in the small British city of Norwich. He's the environmentalist who last month leaked an explosive report by JP Morgan that warned "life as we know it is threatened". The report, Risky Business: The climate and the macroeconomy, […]