UK borrowing falls as debt interest payments jump to £8.7bn

As economy reopened, government’s budget deficit reached £22.8bn in June, says ONS Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Last modified on Wed 21 Jul 2021 03.34 EDT UK government borrowing fell in June as the reopening of the economy from lockdown fuelled a rise in tax receipts despite a record jump in […]

Big government debt manageable, but with one proviso

Whether they realise it or not – probably not – the people up in arms about the size of the federal public debt and criticising Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg for not doing more to get it down in last week’s budget are saying they should have made the same error the major economies made […]

How to manage debt ahead of retirement

Debt doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying a secure retirement. (iStock) You dream of a comfortable retirement but there may be one roadblock in the way: debt.  According to data from Experian, the typical Baby Boomer had $6,043 in credit card debt on average as of 2020. An analysis from Credible found that among […]

Chris Wallace Bashes Fox News Colleague Larry Kudlow For Whining About Deficits Now

Former White House economic adviser and current Fox News host Larry Kudlow got the Chris Wallace treatment Friday after complaining about President Joe Biden increasing the government deficit to provide COVID-19 relief. “Larry Kudlow, when he was working in the Trump White House and passing huge tax cuts and huge spending plans — including multi-trillion-dollar bills […]

The ‘long’ and ‘short’ of debt funds

The longer your investment horizon, the better At the current juncture, when interest rates are threatening to move upwards, there is a question among investors — which funds are appropriate and which funds should one exit. Before we discuss the guidance part, let us look at some relevant facts for ease of understanding. The 16 […]

Eswatini Revamps Tax System, Cuts Debt Arrears Amid Virus Crisis

The southern African Kingdom of Eswatini is overhauling its tax system and reducing its debt arrears as it seeks to shore up its finances amid the coronavirus pandemic. The landlocked nation intends introducing new levies to increase its tax take and bring more individuals and entities into the net, Finance Minister Neal Rijkenberg said in […]

The debt question facing Janet Yellen: How much is too much?

What to expect from Janet Yellen’s economic policy Hoover Institution senior fellow in economics John Taylor provides insight into how economic policy, the value of the U.S. dollar, regulations, taxes and U.S.-China relations will look while Janet Yellen is at the Treasury. A big question hangs over Janet Yellen this week at her confirmation hearing […]

IRS Sends 8 Million Stimulus Payments by Prepaid Debit Card

The Internal Revenue Service is sending about 8 million of the $600 payments approved in recent stimulus legislation as prepaid debt cards. The cards will go to some of the individuals who didn’t receive their stimulus payment by direct deposit in the past week. The IRS has already sent more than $100 billion of the […]