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A detailed analysis of the burden of osteoporosis in eight Eurasian countries has found that osteoporosis is a significant and growing health problem in the region that will escalate in the future due to expected demographic changes. The authors of the Audit report carried out a review of the available literature and a survey of […]

These Are The 4 Countries With Over 1 Million COVID-19 Cases

As global COVID-19 cases topped 37 million, only four nations have over 1 million infections. That list could expand well expand in the next few months as the rate of confirmed cases around the world rises sharply. And, cases will continue to rise quickly, at least in the Northern Hemisphere where winter is quickly approaching. […]

Why These Countries Will Not Have Clean Air Again

One of the most widely used measures of air quality is the air quality index (AQI). It describes current or near-term forecasts of air quality. Not all countries have adopted it, but AQI has become a primary standard to determine if the air is safe for humans to breathe, depending on several fundamental scientific yardsticks. […]