Fact check: Fake quote calls Biden supporters a ‘confederacy of fools’

The claim: The Czech Republic called Joe Biden and those who voted for him fools.  An often recycled fake quote, allegedly from the Czech Republic, about the dangers of a politicians’ presidency, is once again making the rounds on social media. This time Joe Biden’s name has been plugged in.  The March 10 Facebook post, which has 283,000 […]

Inside the murky Greensill corner of shadow banking

The abrupt implosion of the supply chain financier founded by Australian Lex Greensill provides an insight into a corner of the murky world of shadow banking in the post-financial crisis environment of ultra-low interest rates and ever-expanding liquidity. The ever more desperate search for yield in that post-crisis and, more recently, pandemic-impacted environment has created […]

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Grant Shapps says there’s ’12,000 mutations of Covid-19’ Covid has killed more than 95, does lexapro cause abdominal pain 000 people in the UK, according to the latest figures. You could be at risk of coronavirus infection if you develop any of the tell-tale signs – and they don’t just include a high fever, a […]

McCarthy blames Pelosi for coronavirus aid stalemate as confirmed cases climb

How will Congress address COVID relief under a Biden presidency? Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen and Former DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee debate on ‘Bill Hemmer Reports’ House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is the major “roadblock” preventing lawmakers from passing coronavirus relief legislation as the number of confirmed cases […]

Airbnb CEO: The Pandemic Will Force Us to See More of the World, Not Less

In the first month of the pandemic, Airbnb faced a loss of $1 billion due to canceled bookings, leading Chief Executive Officer Brian Chesky to declare: “Travel as we knew it is over.”  Getting on an airplane, he postulated, was not something consumers would be ready to do for a long time, leaving travel plans […]

Have good company for your insurance journey?

India even has digital insurance companies with little physical infrastructure or network, offering their products and services only in cyberspace. In the last decade and a half, the insurance industry has significantly widened its channels of distribution. Earlier there were only agents selling personal insurance. Now, not only has the number of agents boomed, several […]