William Shatner's Blue Origin launch: What to know

William Shatner becomes oldest ever person to go to space Shatner, 90, will join a crew from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. William Shatner, 90, will make history on Wednesday morning aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket as the oldest person to go to space – if all goes to plan. 'STAR TREK'S' SHATNER GOING TO […]

Blue Origin approved for human space flight ahead of Bezos launch

Space tourism takes off with new balloon ascent Taber MacCallum, co-founder of Space Perspective, joins ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss his space balloon venture, which provides a ‘gentle’ liftoff to the edge of space for $125,000 per person. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved a Blue Origin license Monday to carry humans into space on […]

Bidding for Blue Origin seat to space hits $3.5M after Jeff Bezos announcement

More On: space One small step for Jeff: Bezos to become first billionaire in space with flight next month One of the brightest explosions ever recorded occurs in Earth’s ‘cosmic backyard’ Virgin Galactic to fly researcher to space to conduct experiments NASA aims for 2 new missions to Venus to learn about ‘lost habitable’ world […]

Blue wave heightens antitrust threat to Big Tech

Democrats’ big tech report fails to mention ‘censorship’ of conservatives: Rep. Jim Jordan Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on stimulus, the president’s health status, Obamagate, social media and the push to break up big tech. A Democratic sweep in the November election could pose an insurmountable threat to Big Tech, according to one Wall Street analyst. […]

LA tech investor eyeing Blue Apron purchase

A Los Angeles tech investor and motivational speaker is salivating over a chance to get his hands on struggling meal kit company Blue Apron, The Post has learned. Tai Lopez, an investor in meat subscription service Farmers Box and owner of more than 700 acres of farmland in Virginia, says he reached out to Blue […]