Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck enterprise automation startup used to raise a $18 million and compete with $10 billion UiPath

Enterprise automation startup raised $18 million in Series A funding led by Nexus Venture Partners in June. In the first half of 2020, its customer base has doubled as the pandemic forced companies to streamline their operations via automation. competes with giants UiPath and Blue Prism in the growing market for robotic process […]

A fintech that helps Twitch, Showtime, and CBS manage their subscriptions is eyeing international growth after nabbing a big investment from Accel-KKR

Private-equity firm Accel-KKR just bought a majority stake in Recurly, a subscription payments company that helps brands like CBS, Showtime, and Twitch manage their revenues. The subscription economy has grown over the last decade, with more businesses looking to recurring revenue models as opposed to relying on one-time sales. In June, Recurly saw a 210% […]

One of the very few Black women VCs says her 20 years in the industry helped her understand why she's such an anomaly — and how the industry's reverence for speed became the enemy of diversity

Lisa Lambert is one of the very few Black women in the venture industry. Lambert currently heads the venture effort of National Grid, a UK-based utility giant, but she's had a more than 20 year career in the industry, much of it at Intel. Her career has given her an opportunity to understand why the […]

Cannabis, space travel, and electric cars: These far-out fields championed by SPACs could harness the power of hype and spur new eras of innovation, one VC says

SPACs are on the rise, and they have developed an interest in "hype'' sectors: cannabis, space travel, electric cars, and sports gambling. Some hyped-up companies demonstrate a potential for growth, but remain unprofitable, whereas other hyped-up companies belong to industries that investors generally avoid, like gambling. But hype is actually a powerful creative force in […]