Bernie Sanders makes case for being Biden's Labor secretary, says 'would be a very attractive position’

Bernie Sanders acknowledges interest in joining Biden Cabinet Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy has the latest on president-elect’s transition plans on ‘Special Report.’ Sen. Bernie Sanders made the case to join the Biden administration Thursday, saying that serving as Labor secretary for President-elect Joe Biden “would be a very attractive position.” Sanders, I-Vt., during an […]

Sally Pipes: Biden = Bernie, Obama admits. Just look at their policies

Obama says goals of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden aren’t that different In a recent interview, former President Barack Obama admitted something Democrats have been trying to deny for months. "If you look at Joe Biden's goals and Bernie Sanders' goals, they're not that different, from a 40,000-foot level," he said. He's right. Biden may have won […]

Joe Biden Admits He Was Willing To Cut Social Security As Part Of Budget Talks

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted on Sunday night that “everything was on the table,” including Social Security cuts, during bipartisan budget talks in which he participated. In a one-on-one Democratic presidential debate in Washington, Biden accused Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) of airing TV ads that inaccurately claimed Biden had supported cuts to Social Security […]

Some House Democrats Take Pleasure In Bernie Sanders’ Pain

WASHINGTON ―  After Joe Biden’s big night on Super Tuesday ― and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ less-than-expected performance in the multiple Democratic presidential primaries ― some House Democrats were high-fiving each other Wednesday. Literally. Rep. Juan Vargas of California, a Biden supporter and frequent critic of Sanders, told reporters that he and some of his colleagues […]

Voting Problems, Long Lines Mar California Primary Voting

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Technical issues plagued polling sites throughout California as people turned out in droves, taxing a system meant to make voting easier with new technology, same-day registration and centralized vote centers in some counties. In the nation’s most populous county, Los Angeles, predictions of problems with a $300 million election system proved […]

Bernie Sanders Slams Joe Biden On Iraq, Social Security After Super Tuesday Results

As Joe Biden pulled off a series of surprising Super Tuesday upsets and the other remaining contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination faded, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) previewed how he plans to tangle with the vice president in what could quickly become a two-man race.  Speaking from his home state of Vermont, Sanders reminded supporters […]

Varney: Bernie Sanders will ruin the economy

Varney: Democrats have their party, country to lose FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the potential impact of Bernie Sanders’ ascendance within the Democratic Party. The Democratic debate in South Carolina will be “attack night” and Bernie Sanders will be the number one target, FOX Business’ Stuart Varney argued in his latest “My Take.” Continue Reading Below […]

Democrats unload on Bernie Sanders in likely debate preview

Sanders has ‘the momentum’ in Democratic presidential race: RealClearPolitics editor RealClearPolitics executive editor Tom Bevan discusses where the 2020 Democratic candidates stand as the South Carolina caucuses are underway. CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Democratic rivals to Bernie Sanders are preparing to try to knock him off his front-runner perch in a debate Tuesday night before […]

5 Questions Before Democratic Candidates Debate In South Carolina

Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls face off Tuesday night in South Carolina for the 10th Democratic debate. Five questions ahead of that forum:   HOW DOES SANDERS HANDLE ATTACKS? Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is winning because his strong base has stayed with him as the other candidates split the remaining votes. His victory in Nevada gave […]

Bernie Sanders' 2016 movement gets new life in 2020

Will Sanders’, Warren’s financial support translate into votes? Democratic strategist Christina Amestoy, National Review contributing editor Deroy Murdock and Rosecliff founder Mike Murphy discuss the 2020 Democratic field and their ability to raise money ahead of the Nevada caucus. SAN ANTONIO (AP) — By the fall of 2018, when Democrats were promoting a slate of […]