Kid Reporter Damon Weaver Who Interviewed Obama Is Dead At 23

The student reporter who managed to score a sit-down interview at the age of 11 with then-President Barack Obama in 2009 has died at 23, his family announced. Damon Weaver won America’s heart when the young journalist fired off several questions for Obama during his 10-minute interview in the White House Diplomatic Room. Weaver asked Obama […]

What to know about the House immigration bills being voted on this week

Democrats in the House are expected to move forward this week with their first effort at immigration reform during the current Congress. The House will vote on two bills that each address a portion of the sweeping immigration reform proposed in the White House-backed legislation introduced in February. A surge in unaccompanied children arriving at […]

17 Timeless Michelle Obama Throwback Photos from Her Early Years

Sweet Smiles The former first lady posted a photo of herself as a young girl with her brother Craig. She captioned the snap of her smiling, “When I think back to my childhood, I remember moments like this with my brother Craig. We grew up on the South Side of Chicago, in a diverse and […]

Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

President Joe Biden has revoked a key permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, effectively killing the controversial project and jump-starting what he’s promised will be a seismic shift in U.S. climate policy after four years of inaction under Donald Trump.  The executive order on the oil pipeline, which Biden signed just hours after his inauguration, […]

Joe Biden Is Joined by Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton for Wreath-Laying Ceremony

President Joe Biden was in esteemed company as he attended a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Wednesday, hours after his inauguration in Washington, D.C. The 46th president of the United States, 78, was not only accompanied by his history-making Vice President Kamala Harris, but also by former Presidents Barack Obama, George […]

U.S.-Backed Airstrikes Are Killing People In Yemen. This Is Their Impact.

Video credit: Skye Fitzgerald, director, Spin Film Ahmed Elhubbish, a middle-aged Yemeni living in Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa, wants to know what his children — Abdul Rahman, Khalid, Wasim and Siham — did wrong. Last year, they were killed in an airstrike launched from thousands of miles above them by sophisticated machinery from continents […]

Michelle Obama Named 'Most Admired Woman'

President Donald Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama were top-of-mind when Americans were asked who they admire most in an annual survey published this week by Gallup. It's the third year in a row Mrs. Obama, 56, has topped the list for "most admired woman," while it's the first time Trump has edged out […]

Obama said his first instinct was to 'walk down and smack' GOP Rep. Joe Wilson on the head after he shouted 'you lie' at him during a joint session of Congress

Former President Barack Obama said on "CBS Sunday Morning" that he was "shocked" to have been yelled at by GOP Rep. Joe Wilson during a joint session of Congress in 2009. Wilson, refuting Obama's claim that health care reforms would not cover illegal immigrants, shouted, "You lie," to the newly-elected president during his speech. Obama […]