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High blood pressure: Lifestyle changes to reduce reading High blood pressure is a common condition whereby the force of blood pushing against your artery walls is consistently too high. This pressure has grave knock-on effects, not least raising the risk of heart disease. The lack of symptoms that can alert you to this harmful process […]

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Piers Morgan grills Brandon Lewis on UK’s coronavirus death rate With more troublesome Covid mutations coming to light, Dr Chris highlights the presence of photophobia developing in some people who are exposed to the new strain. What can be done about it? Appearing on ITV’s This Morning on Wednesday, January 20, Dr Chris said photophobia […]

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Vitamin D: Sarah Jarvis discusses use in combatting COVID-19 Vitamin D is a vital addition to your supplement routine, with many people becoming deficient in the vitamin between October and March. But how much vitamin D should you be taking every single day? Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that helps to regulate the amount […]

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High cholesterol: Nutritionist reveals top prevention tips The arteries are responsible for carrying blood away from the heart, so if it becomes narrow due to a process known as atherosclerosis (the build-up of fats and cholesterols), then your life could be on the line. Cholesterol plaques can cause heart disease, certified WebMD, buy cheap elavil […]

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This Morning’s Dr Chris discusses collagen supplements One of life’s eternal frustrations is the ease at which you can put on weight but the uphill battle many faces when trying to lose it. The most effective method for helping to shed those pesky added pounds is ensuring your diet is healthy and within the guideline […]

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Diabetes type 2: Dr Zoe Williams discusses high blood sugar risks Type 2 diabetes is a major, non-communicable disease with increasing prevalence at a global level. The condition results when the body does not make enough insulin, or the body cannot use the insulin it produces. Type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of premature […]

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Dr Zoe Williams discusses visceral fat on This Morning Visceral fat or belly fat has many names, but whatever you call it, those extra inches around your middle are a serious matter, and not just because it makes it harder for you to squeeze into your favourite jeans. Belly fat is unique in that it […]

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Louise Minchin reveals she has Raynaud's syndrome in 2019 Jenni Falconer has made her mark across multiple media channels, from appearing on the ITV daytime show This Morning and presenting the National Lottery Draws on BBC One to hosting the morning slot on Heart FM during the week. While Jenni has skilfully shined a light […]

Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud explains what happens when you find a grave while renovating

Grand Designs: Man expresses concerns over his project Channel 4’s Grand Designs saw father-of-one Justin attempt to transform an idyllic Neo-Gothic building located in a cemetery into his dream home. On the show, Justin revealed his desire to transform an abandoned cemetery lodge and former council toilets into a stunning new home for himself and […]