Cabinet secretaries sell Biden's ambitious agenda across US

WASHINGTON — Marty Walsh remembers what it was like when a Cabinet secretary would come to town. “It really is a big deal. They give you the dates, and you just clear your schedule,” said Walsh, a former mayor of Boston. He recalls 300 people packing into a room to hear Julián Castro, then Housing […]

Merrick Garland: DOJ Will ‘Never Stop Working’ To Protect Voting Rights

Republican-led state legislatures across the country are enacting restrictive voting laws in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by people who believed former President Donald Trump’s lies about a stolen election. The Justice Department wants the public to know it is fighting back. To meet the moment, Attorney General Merrick […]

Fact check: Rapper Playboi Carti did not predict COVID-19 in 2018 song

The claim: Playboi Carti predicted COVID-19  Social media users are falsely claiming rapper Playboi Carti predicted COVID-19 in a song that was released two years before the pandemic. An image published on Instagram shows a screenshot of a tweet from March 26, 2020, that purportedly shows lyrics from “Foreign,” a song that was released in 2018. “In 2020 a flu-like […]

Pelosi Calls for Barr and Sessions to Testify Before Congress Over DOJ Data Seizure

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scoffed at the denials by the attorneys general who served under former president Trump about having any knowledge of the Justice Department’s decision to secretly seize Democratic lawmakers’ data. Pelosi said their claims were “beyond belief” and called on them to testify under oath before Congress. Former Attorneys General Jeff Sessions […]

The State Where People Had The Fewest Kids In 2020

The birth rates of several of the world’s largest nations have started to drop. Japan is one case in point. The size of its entire population may actually start to fall in the coming decades. Its current birth rate is only 1.4. Even China has a problem. The world’s largest nation by population is home […]

The best and worst state economies in 2021

Kansas Senator: Biggest factor on state economy is people unwilling to work Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall weighs in on enhanced unemployment benefits, economic recovery, infrastructure spending and reconciliation.  The U.S. economy took a major hit the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but certain states handled the crisis differently and are contributing more to […]

Trump was kicked off the major tech platforms. Did it work?

New Delhi (CNN Business)Twitter is under siege in two countries that are critical for its global growth plans. The social media giant has been ensnared in a battle with the Indian government for months over free speech and other issues, and is contending with restrictive new rules pushed by New Delhi. If that wasn’t enough, […]

can apo ibuprofen 600 mg get you high

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. In the northern African country of Chad, the women of the Basara tribe have long kept a hair-care secret that helps them retain some serious inches — a mixture […]