Treasuries Extend Pullback Ahead Of Next Week’s Fed Meeting

Treasuries showed a notable move to the downside during trading on Friday, extending the pullback seen over the two previous sessions. Bond prices came under pressure in early trading and remained firmly negative throughout the session. As a result, the yield on the benchmark ten-year note, which moves opposite of its price, climbed 3.9 basis […]

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck treated their children to an outdoor movie night, a sign that the couple wants both their families to feel included in their newfound relationship. According to Us Weekly, Lopez and Affleck each brought their kids to see an outdoor showing of the 2003 film School of Rock in Los Angeles. […]

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In human cancer cell and mouse studies, researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine have found that a set of proteins work in tandem to build supply lines that deliver oxygen and nutrients to tumors, enabling them to survive and grow. The protein twosome, PADI4 and HIF-1, ramp up their activity under low-oxygen conditions that are typically […]

Two national anthems 'unhealthy' for unification of America: Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock: Can’t have two national anthems if you want to be one country Radio host Jason Whitlock argues that having two national anthems is unhealthy and not unifying NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas criticized the NFL’s decision to play the Black national anthem before the 2021 season-opening and radio host Jason Whitlock told […]

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Persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 and HPV 18 during a pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of premature birth. Findings published online in JAMA Network Open found that 15.9% of individuals who had a persistent HPV 16 or 18 infection during the first and third trimesters of their pregnancy gave birth prematurely, compared […]

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New findings by researchers at Yale Cancer Center show the drug combination of nivolumab and rucaparib shows clinical activity for patients with chemotherapy-naïve, metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). The findings are part of the CheckMate 9KD trial and will be presented on September 19, 2021, at the annual meeting of the European Society for […]

What does a Full Moon mean?

THE Moon appears to change shape each night when you look into the night sky. Some nights, it might look like a narrow crescent, while on other nights, the Moon might look like a bright circle, says Nasa. What does a Full Moon mean? There are four moon phases — New Moon, First Quarter, Full […]

Explained: What tokenisation means and how it will affect card users

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently said no entity in the card transaction or payment chain, apart from the card issuers and card networks, will be allowed to store sensitive user data from January 1, 2022. Instead, in transactions card data will be converted to tokens. What is tokenisation? In the case of digital […]