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Boris Johnson: All over 50s to be offered vaccine by end of April

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Vaccination numbers in the UK recently passed 15 million, hitting Government targets slammed as unrealistic earlier this year. Hailing the good news in a news conference today, the Prime Minister said it was not time for Brits to relax, yasmin system mp3 as moves to end the latest lockdown would be “irreversible”. Such a commitment would require a “marathon” effort over the coming months, added NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens as providers rolled out the regime to everyone in the country.

How many people have had the second jab in the UK?

The NHS has now covered nearly 30 percent of the British population with their first jab.

Most people in the highest tiers on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation’s (JCVI) priority list have had theirs.

But while scientists have attested to the effectiveness of a single dose, the best protection comes after two.

One dose of the currently available vaccines will protect people from up to 70 percent of cases.

But dual coverage extends this to 90 percent or more, ultimately the most desirable outcome for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

Here is where the UK lacks progress, as only 1.02 percent of people have had their second jab, according to data from Gov.uk.

The figure translates to a total of 539,630 people with full coverage.

The UK comfortably sits in the top two nations for first-dose rates, but it isn’t even in the top ten for full coverage.

British officials have decided to provide second doses after a 12-week wait.

They intend to provide a first dose blitz before moving on to a second 12 weeks later.

Experts have not recommended this, instead pushing for full coverage within a month.

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Other countries have followed this path, which has passed the UK down the vaccine league tables.

Currently, Israel is at the top, as officials have successfully vaccinated 40 percent of their people.

They started providing second doses on January 10, and encouraging results followed within weeks.

Caseloads amongst the elderly and vulnerable in the country have nosedived.

The Weizmann Institute of Tel Aviv found a decrease of 46 percent in over-60s.

Under-60s, on the other hand, saw a more modest drop of 18 percent.

The vaccine push has also slashed hospitalisations, with a 30 percent decline in older Israelis by the end of January.

More than 78 percent of over-60s have received the full regimen so far.

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