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Meet Doris and Marge! These sweet girls are a bit shy at first but give them some time and they’re sure to be your best friends. 

Of the two, Marge is a bit more outgoing. She will still need some time to adjust in her new home, but she’s quicker to trust than Doris. Because of how shy Doris is, Marge has deemed herself Doris’s “protector.” You can often find them sleeping on top of one another or grooming each other–which is as adorable as it sounds! If they’re not lounging about, Doris and Marge are likely exploring and climbing around their foster home. 

Doris and Marge don’t know life without each other–and they don’t want to–so they must go home together. To learn more about Doris and Marge, check out their profiles! And if this sister duo sounds like the perfect match for you, please fill out our online adoption survey. 

Doris, left, Marge, ciprofloxacino 500 mg dosis recomendada right. 



Marge, left, Doris, right. 

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