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Doctor Hilary on the difference between covid and hay fever

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Doctor Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, an allergist at New York University, told Healthline she was “worried” about the onset of hay fever during this pollen season, as mask-wearing and other COVID-19 precautions, which offered a short reprieve from pollen, has reduced.

Studies have shown that year on year, pollen levels are increasing and are becoming more potent.

One piece of research also found that pollen season has increased by 20 days every year.

Allergic reactions may be especially bad for those working from home, who’re also more exposed to dust mites and pet allergens.

However Anshu Kaura, a pharmacist at Lloyds Pharmacy, motrin qt prolongation has offered insight into how to tackle the issue, which she shared with

Ms Kaura said: “The main allergies to be aware of this upcoming season are hay fever, pet and dust mite allergies.

“Whilst there isn’t a complete cure for these allergies, there are several ways to lessen symptoms.

“These include antihistamine products, nasal sprays, eye drops, which can all be bought from a pharmacist.“

Hay fever is likely to be the most prominent allergy this year – as one in five are said to already suffer from the condition.

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For hay fever suffers, according to Kaura, the best bet is wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes from pollen, and staying indoors whenever possible.

Lloyds Pharmacy also recommends showering and changing clothes after you’ve been outside. This can help to clean yourself from any pollen.

Rubbing vaseline under your nose is another way to fight against pollen – this traps the pollen before it reaches the sensitive parts of the inside of your mouth.

How to deal with dust mites 

Dust mites are also prominent in the UK – at least 12 million people suffer from a dust-mite allergy.

Dust-mites can “feel as if they have brought pollen back” into the home, suggested a spokesperson from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Dusting hard-to-reach areas regularly can reduce the build-up of dust – and the dust mites that live in it.

Moreover, keeping windows closed to lessen the chances of a breeze bringing dust mites into the air can also help to reduce the symptoms.

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Vacuuming carpets and rugs can also help to stop the build-up of hidden dust mites.

Dealing with pet allergens

There are a couple of simple and well-known tips that can help to avoid pet allergies, which might provide extra-stress to people’s sinuses this pollen season.

Utilising these tips might make the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant experience in the home.

Lloyds Pharmacy recommends the following:

  • Setting up animal-free areas in the house
  • Washing your pet regularly
  • Using an air purifier to reduce allergens in the home.

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