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Heather Huesman, a 23-year-old woman based in Kansas, took to TikTok last month to share her experience exercising at a women-only gym.

In the video, which now has nearly 6 million views, Huesman shows off the features and safety measures of Blush Fitness, located in Overland Park, Kansas, which takes the concept of a women’s-only gym to a new level.

When it comes to the safe and comfort of its members, allied catalogue the gym followers super strict measures:

Firstly, the windows are tinted so people can’t see into the building as they’re walking by.

The gym is open 24/7, and women and members can only gain access with a key fob.

There are free menstrual hygiene products in the bathroom.

And to top it all off, women and members are notified whenever male staff members will be working inside the gym.

“The BEST GYM! We need these everywhere, we feel so safe and comfortable going to the gym, gonna be my new favourite spot!” Heather captioned her post.

Heather told BuzzFeed that the gym makes her feel incredibly safe and means she doesn’t have to worry about men taking photos of her without her permission.

“I decided to share my experience because ever since the first time I went into Blush, I felt a sense of relief. It felt like a breath of fresh air walking into a gym with no men!”

“I definitely feel safer in an all-women’s gym. I personally like to wear tight clothing because it is easier to work out in, and I don’t have to worry about men taking photos of me without my permission, or worry about men making me feel uncomfortable while I’m there. There are also not so many people there that all the racks are being taken up. The place is very clean and has great energy and vibes to it!”

The sentiment was applauded by other women in her comments, with women — and even some men — feeling the same way:

“This is everything I can dream of for my women’s-only gym,” one users wrote.

“I love this, I’m sorry but I’m tired of having old men coming in “using” equipments and jet sitting there with sun glasses on staring.”

“I’m a guy but this is such a great idea!!! Women really need a safe space, I hope more places like this open up.

“Until men can learn how to be respectful and not make women feel uncomfortable or unsafe, spaces like this are 100% necessary.

When asked what she thought about the whole “segregation” take, Heather told BuzzFeed, “I don’t think the gym is segregation at all. I honestly love the idea of an all-men’s gym as well. I think if someone is mad that there’s an all-women’s gym, it’s because they want women [in their co-ed gym] for a reason. … Whatever makes people feel comfortable working out at a gym is what should be done. Everyone is there for a reason and needs to start somewhere!”

Plenty of other commenters also made some some very interesting points to counter the “segregation” take. For example, how is an all-women gym any different than a men-only country club?


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