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Potty training is the milestone most parents can’t wait for their kids to reach. Unfortunately, it can also drag on forever, leaving you to wonder if your kid is going to be the oldest diaper-wearer in the history of diaper-wearers. And until now, interacciones diazepam ibuprofeno there hasn’t been a good solution for that stage where your kid is mostly potty trained but still has accidents. They don’t want to wear diapers (and those training pants feel so close to diapers that there’s hardly a difference), but they’re not quite ready for underwear … and you’re not quite ready to venture out in public knowing that your kid is one sprung leak away from soaking wet pants.

That’s where this genius new potty training product, Sposie Dribbles
, comes in. They’re absorbent, adhesive pads that attach to your kiddo’s undies, so they can wear big-kid underwear but still have the protection offered by a bulky diaper or training pants. Sposie Dribbles can be used for both boys and girls, and are designed to help them feel more confident and avoid embarrassing accidents (plus, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have a saturated pair of Underoos on your hands). Soft and comfortable, they absorb wetness and odor and neutralize pH balance to minimize the risk of irritation.

There’s a tab for easy removal, so your little one can do it themselves if they dribble — just another layer of independence for an added boost of confidence. They’ll be so proud to keep their undies dry, and you’ll be so relieved that major accidents are a thing of the past.

Those in-between stages of potty training don’t have to suck … or at least, not quite as much. If you’ve got a kid who’s between diapers and underwear, Sposie Dribbles will be your new best friend.


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