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The world's first "wearable" contraception could help women prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Natural Cycles' birth control is a device that uses temperature readings to monitor how fertile a woman is.

If its instructions are followed, this method can be 99% effective, similar to the coil, pill and implant, the NHS has said.

Until now women use the app to have their temperature recorded every morning to put into the diary.

It collects data over time to help with reliability which then tells women whether it's safe to have unprotected sex.

Now the FDA in the US has given the go-ahead for Natural Cycles to rely on wearables to read temperature.

The app has not revealed what these could be, other than "popular consumer wearables already on the market".

That could be devices like FitBit and Apple Watch, all of which monitor body temperature as a feature.

Natural Cycles works by giving an indication of where the woman is in her menstrual cycle, based on her temperature.

There are around nine days of the cycle where a woman is most likely to fall pregnant.

It is a natural method of birth control, as opposed to alternatives that alter a woman's hormones.

If a woman knows she is fertile, she can either chose to stop having sex or use a condom.

Of course, like other methods of birth control, if this isn't used properly then it can't guarantee to prevent a pregnancy.

But the NHS claims if the instructions are followed correctly, it can be up to 99% effective.

However get it wrong or fail to follow the plan, then you could get pregnant.

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Natural Cycles claims to be 93% effective with "typical use" and 98% with "perfect use".

Some women have reported they have become pregnant while using the app.

But it's unclear if rates of pregnancy are more common than for other contraceptives, of which none are perfect.

The NHS says it takes a lot of time to get familiar with your cycle and using this method should be taken very seriously.

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