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Demi Lovato is giving everyone a look into how they're celebrating their birthday—and it involves a camera, a beach, and a soaking wet swimsuit.

The singer, buy online metformin online pharmacy without prescription who turned 29 on August 20, shared a series of photos and videos today of themself posing in a white one-piece on the shore of The Maldives. "Alexa play Birthday Suit by @duckwrth 🌊🐬🦋," they captioned the Instagram post.

Within minutes of uploading the pictures, the comments filled with people celebrating and hyping up the star. "Nice tush," comedian Chelsea Handler wrote. "They are absolutely glowing ✨✨✨🤍🤍🤍," someone else said. "BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT ❤️❤️," another person commented.

The last time Lovato shared a body picture like these was last month, when they posted a selfie of themself in black lingerie as they filmed their first sex scene. "I don't always feel good in my skin, so when I do, AND I feel sexy enough to post – I do just that! It's important to celebrate the little wins. Yay for this random burst of body confidence," they wrote in that caption at the time.

In that post, Lovato also explained how proud they are of themself for being able to feel comfortable enough in their skin to film a sex scene, writing, "I rarely ever showed my arms before.. now I'm in this!!"

And because Lovato says they don't "always feel comfortable in [their] skin/body," the "Heart Attack" singer says they are "beyond grateful that in these moments, when I'm most vulnerable I can feel beautiful & accept myself as is." That's what they wrote in the caption of a July 15 bathtub selfie post. In fact, they "feel the sexiest in the bathtub w no makeup, no extensions, no lashes.. naked. Just me in my purest form."

The body confident posts follow a message that Lovato put out on their Instagram Story back in May about the power of words when it comes to weight and mental health, according to People. "Idk who needs to hear this but complimenting someone on their weight loss can be as harmful as complimenting someone on their weight gain in regards to talking to someone in recovery from an eating disorder," wrote Lovato, who has been open for years about their eating disorder struggle and recovery. "If you don't know someone's history with food, please don't comment on their body. Because even if your intention is pure, it might leave that person awake at 2 am overthinking that statement…"

These posts and messages all come after "a year-and-a-half of healing and self-reflective work." And it was through that work that Lovato was able to have the "revelation" that they identify as non-binary, as People reported. In May, Lovato announced that they use they/them pronouns because it "best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am, and am still discovering."

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