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Martin Daubney suggests a 'vegan tax' as they 'live longer'

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Speaking exclusively to is Doctor Gary Bartlett, who shares how one quick and easy activity could extend your longevity into the New Year and beyond. “Go outside,” the doctor encouraged. “When exposed to sun, your skin produces vitamin D.”This is important for mental well-being and general mental well-being.” Such an easy activity can count towards your daily exercise routine, buy generic stromectol toronto as movement has “multiple health benefits”.

Furthermore, taking a walk outside with friends or family members will be better still.

“People who have meaningful relationships tend to live longer,” said Doctor Bartlett.

And if loved ones do not live close by to join you on your daily walks, then taking a call while outside can be just as rewarding.

Taking a walk outside can also help to bring down stress levels, which can boost longevity.

Doctor Bartlett elaborated: “Stress has been linked to dozens of health conditions, including heart disease and/or cancer.”

Aside from a daily walk outside with loved ones during the day, there are other ways to help boost longevity.

Doctor Bartlett recommends eating less meat and increasing plant-based foods into your diet.

Such a dietary adjustment can lead to “less intake of cholesterol and saturated fat”.

Doctor Bartlett also suggests “having more sex”. He elaborated: “In one study, men with a high frequency of orgasms showed a 50 percent reduction in mortality.”

Another key to longevity is to “floss daily”, as studies show this could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Chronic bacterial infection of the gums can lead to inflammation of your blood vessels,” Doctor Bartlett explained.

Doctor Bartlett also emphasised the importance of keeping on top of your health.

In order to do so, it is imperative to attend regular health screenings.

Examples can include smear tests, mammograms, and bowel screening.

Any disease that is picked up on in the earliest of stages is more likely to be treatable.

The NHS provides various free health checks, which you will be invited to if you are registered to your GP.

There are also options to get on top of your health by booking in health checks via a pharmacy.

These checks, however, will not be free, but some people may be able to claim the expenses back on their company healthcare insurance.

Speak to your employer, if applicable, to see if you qualify for any free health benefits.

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