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Flu jab: Eligible groups in UK set to be 'expanded' reveals expert

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A shortage of HGV drivers has caused a bottleneck in the delivery of flu vaccines in the UK and the effects are being felt across the healthcare system. The effects are being felt most acutely for GPs and their patients. Speaking on BBC Breakfast just now, doctor Steve Mowle, royal college of general practitioners described the situation as “absolute chaos”.

Doctor Mowle said: “We know that immunity levels will be low not only to flu but other viruses and our vulnerable patients need this vaccine more than ever.”

He received an email on Friday that said “don’t book any patients” until its been confirmed when they will deliver.

The situation is descending into “absolute chaos”, he warned.

As he explained, many practices have booked in hundreds and thousands of patients that are now plunged into uncertainty.

According to Doctor Mowle, the situation is set to get worse as some surgeries will not resume bookings until the vaccines are “physically in the building”.

This could result in a four-week delay.

“That’s very significant,” he said.

As Doctor Mowle explained, cymbalta en tramadol many patients will be dependent on friends and neighbours to bring them in for their flu jab and they will now be racked with uncertainty.

“Ministers need to pull out all the stops to stop the disruption quickly,” he urged.

“Surely we can get the lorries and drivers to deliver the vaccines on time.”

In the meantime, doctor Mowle issued some reassuring advice to patients who have an appointment booked already.

“We will be in touch. Don’t panic. This will happen.”

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