The Most Expensive College For Out Of State Students

Among the reasons state university systems were founded was to provide inexpensive access to colleges for state residents and their children. These universities and colleges are primarily funding with state dollars, and consequently taxes. Some of America’s top-ranked institutions of higher education were created and are maintained as part of state systems and several prominent ones are well over a century old.

The most well-known of the large public universities get extraordinary ratings for the educations they provide. Among the U.S. News top-rated national colleges and universities several state schools number in the top 25. These are the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

ACE Cash Express recently set out to find colleges that cost a great deal for students from out of state. This created a report titled “The 15 Most Expensive Colleges for Out-Of-State Students in 2021.”

The methodology used to create the list included data from The National Center For Education Statistics and CBS News list of most expensive colleges.

The list was supplemented with the starting pay for graduates from each of the colleges that made the cut.

The list appears to have a real weakness. Some of the colleges do not have different tuitions for out-of-state and in-state students. In other words, these colleges are among the most expensive to attend regardless of where the student comes from. One on the list is Dartmouth. The cost of attending is $$77,152. Period.

For colleges on the list which are part of public systems, the “The 15 Most Expensive Colleges for Out-Of-State Students in 2021” probably has some value.

The University of Chicago is the most expensive state for out-of-state students. Based in Illinois, instate applicants do not get a financial break. The average cost of attendance per year is $81,531. The average starting pay is $65,800.

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