Texas Gov. Abbott welcomes major stock exchanges to Austin

Businesses flocking to Texas due to lower taxes, cost of living: YTEXAS CEO

YTEXAS founder and CEO Ed Curtis on why businesses are moving to Texas.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will on Nov. 20 host representatives from major U.S. stock exchanges considering whether to relocate their data centers from New Jersey to the Lone Star State amid the threat of higher taxes.

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The Coalition to Prevent the Taxing of Retirement Savings, consisting of exchange operators and trading platforms including New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange and Nasdaq, are exploring their options as New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy weighs a proposed 0.25% tax per financial transaction on firms that process at least 10,000 electronic trades each year.

Housing data warehouses in New Jersey give financial firms no advantage other than being just a stone’s throw away from Wall Street.


“Texas may become the financial nerve center of America — of the world,” Abbott tweeted early Tuesday morning. “I will meet with the Nasdaq & other trading exchanges about a potential move. Like so many businesses they want to flee high taxes.”

Neither the New York Stock Exchange nor the Nasdaq immediately responded to FOX Business’ request for comment.

New Jersey’s proposed financial transaction tax, would be levied against stocks, options, futures and swaps, could generate up to $10 billion per year and plug the state’s projected annual budget deficit.

Both the NYSE and the Nasdaq have already successfully tested running their data centers from locations outside of New Jersey in the event they are forced to relocate.

Texas’ business-friendly environment has enticed a number of corporations seeking to flee high-tax states.


Companies that have recently relocated to Texas include Charles Schwab, AT&T and McKesson. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in July that the company’s next Gigafactory would be built in Austin, which could also become the corporate headquarters.

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