Fox Nation's new 'Tuesday Movie Night' offers 'Patriots Day,' other blockbuster thrillers

‘Patriots Day’ now available on Fox Nation

Fox Nation's “Tuesday Movie Night” will offer five action-packed films featuring some of the most famous Hollywood stars available for streaming across the platform:

Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg shines in this all-star action-thriller that chronicles the courage and strength of the people of Boston during the real-life manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. Click here to watch Patriots Day on Fox Nation.


A casino card dealer (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), desperate to pay for his daughter’s life-saving surgery, teams up with a co-worker (Dave Baustista) to pull off a major heist, but as the plan falters they find themselves hijacking a bus and using the hostages as collateral. Click here to watch Heist on Fox Nation.

Maximum Conviction

Two former black ops specialists (Steven Seagal and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin) must protect two female prisoners after a prison comes under attack by a band of elite mercenaries. Click here to watch Maximum Conviction on Fox Nation.

Fire with Fire

A fireman (Josh Duhamel) takes an unexpected course of action when he is threatened by a crime boss (Vincent D'Onofrio) against whom he’s been ordered to testify after witnessing a double-murder at a convenience store. Click here to watch Fire with Fire on Fox Nation.

The Cold Light of Day

Young business consultant Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) returns from a vacation to find his family kidnapped and is told they will be killed if he does not deliver a missing briefcase within 24 hours. Click here to watch The Cold Light of Day on Fox Nation.

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