Washington needs to do more to help small businesses during coronavirus pandemic

Washington is finally beginning to get it.

The Federal Reserve has put forth bold initiatives, and followed up with action. The Treasury and the administration have also devised creative plans to go along with the Fed’s actions — and separately helped to develop a robust economic “time-out” package sufficient to help stabilize the economy for a very short period of time as America is “closed for business” while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

But with small businesses — the heartbeat of NYC and the embodiment of the American Spirit — floundering, more needs to be done, and yesterday.

While many people and businesses will be helped by last week’s CARES Act, many will not. America’s small businesses need capital urgently — to make up for sales denied them for the sake of public safety.

There should be equity injections that would mandate the business rehire the same employees it had prior to the coronavirus outbreak — and in the event that does not happen, the businesses have to pay that money back to the federal government, as if it were a loan.

The funds should be made available through every bank to every small business that has operated for the past 12 months and was required to close. Without infusions, many small businesses will shutter.

Personally, I miss my buddy at the Grand Central Oyster Bar take-out window where the best Manhattan clam chowder in America can be had for just $8. Yet Mayor Bill de Blasio refuses to compel the MTA to waive its rent, or that of any other Grand Central Terminal tenants.

Now it’s up to the Fed and the Treasury to “unquarantine” the capital — no red-tape, no hassles.

It’s the Fabric of America’s last hope. Some 30 million small business workers are waiting. And I want to tip my soup buddy again soon!

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