Child benefit: Am I eligible for child benefit? How much will I receive?

Looking after children can be expensive, and the Government offers a benefit which can help cover the costs of running a family. However, to be able to claim child benefit you will need to meet certain criteria, and there are many factors which determine how much you will receive. What is child benefit? Child benefit […]

These types of cars can drive up your auto insurance

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve probably already considered things such as styling, comfort, features and fuel economy. But if you haven’t considered auto insurance costs, you could be missing a big part of your vehicle’s total ownership costs. When it comes to specific types of cars, there are a variety of factors […]

Bloomberg’s Rivals Poised to Pounce in His Debut on Debate Stage

Michael Bloomberg, whose rise in the polls has rattled the Democratic presidential field, will face rivals eager to take him on in person for the first time on a debate stage, injecting a new, untested candidate into what had become almost routine campaign events. The former New York mayor has enjoyed a surge in polling […]

More companies are retaliating against whistleblowers, but is it legal to do so?

Sometimes, revenge is a dish served at work. Retaliation charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission continued their upward climb last year, with the 39,110 charges making up 53.8% of all charges filed with the EEOC in fiscal year 2019, according to data published last month. The share of retaliation charges, which are most […]

Rahul Tiwari says his drones can be attached to any AC power source on the ground.

(CNN Business)Tech giants including Google and Facebook have spent years trying to figure out how to bring the internet to billions of people who still lack a reliable connection. Now, an American startup has come up with its own plan. Telelift is an attempt to create a “flying cellphone tower.” It uses drones the size […]

Fewer people have trouble paying medical bills today — now for the bad news

The percentage of Americans whose families have trouble paying medical bills has generally declined in recent years, according to a recent government report, but a substantial number of people continue to struggle. The share of people in families with problems paying medical bills in the past year fell overall from 19.7% in 2011 to 14.2% […]