Rahul Tiwari says his drones can be attached to any AC power source on the ground.

(CNN Business)Tech giants including Google and Facebook have spent years trying to figure out how to bring the internet to billions of people who still lack a reliable connection. Now, an American startup has come up with its own plan. Telelift is an attempt to create a “flying cellphone tower.” It uses drones the size […]

Fewer people have trouble paying medical bills today — now for the bad news

The percentage of Americans whose families have trouble paying medical bills has generally declined in recent years, according to a recent government report, but a substantial number of people continue to struggle. The share of people in families with problems paying medical bills in the past year fell overall from 19.7% in 2011 to 14.2% […]

Child benefit: How much is family allowance for one child?

Child benefit can be an important source of income for many parents. It can also help individuals when it comes to contributions to their state pension. How much is family allowance for one child? Child benefit is paid out to those responsible for bringing up a child who is either under 16 or under 20 […]

Socialist Kshama Sawant reignites fight to tax Amazon for affordable housing

Just a few months after going head-to-head with an Amazon-backed rival to claim her third term on the Seattle city council, Kshama Sawant has proposed a new tax on the trillion dollar giant and other large Seattle businesses, which she says will “stop at nothing” to try to defeat progressive proposals like this one. The […]

Pension tax relief: Many unaware that they could claim relief on their contributions

Private pensions can receive tax-free contributions, which applies to most pension schemes. Workplace, personal and stakeholder pensions can all receive these type of contributions. There are limits on how much can be contributed however. Tax is usually paid on pension pots that go above 100 percent of a persons earnings in a year, £40,000 a […]