Does Nokia as a Value Trap Even Need to Exist in the Next Decade?

Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) is one company that has been referenced repeatedly by some analysts and investors as a play on the coming 5G expansion. There is just one major problem. Nokia has managed to disappoint and let its investors down every step of the way for more than a decade. Nokia hasn’t even really […]

Trump Deposition to Be Sought in McCabe Suit Over FBI Firing

Lawyers for Andrew McCabe are planning to seek President Donald Trump’s deposition as part of a lawsuit against the government alleging the former FBI deputy director was wrongfully fired. McCabe’s lawyer, Murad Hussain, asked U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss at a Friday hearing in Washington to build time into the discovery process to allow the […]

Russian hackers targeted CA, IN Democratic parties

DOJ announces charges against Russian military hackers for global cyberattacks The Justice Department and FBI announced an indictment against six current and former Russia government operatives for carrying out cyberattacks hitting targets around the world. WASHINGTON - The group of Russian hackers accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election earlier this year targeted the […]

Google document reveals targeted campaign against EU lawmakers, report says

Google did not confirm or deny the existence of the document cited in the FT when asked by CNBC. In simple terms, the EU wants to make tech giants more responsible for the content on their platforms, and to ensure that competitors have a fair chance to succeed against the big firms. Google has said […]

Candace Owens on Lil Wayne's Trump support: Liberals laughed at idea of 'Black Exit' by Dems

Candace Owens says Dems have done nothing but ‘fear monger, race bait’ to Blacks ‘every four years’ Author Candace Owens discusses the 2020 presidential candidate’s attempt to court the Black vote on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Black Americans leaving the Democratic Party shows that liberals have done nothing for the Black community, author Candace Owens said Friday. […]

Free press groups condemn charges against Glenn Greenwald

New York (CNN Business)Glenn Greenwald is resigning from The Intercept, the news site he co-founded in 2013 not long after his most prominent work, the publication of articles based on leaks from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. In a lengthy letter of resignation published Thursday, Greenwald alleged his editors “censored” an article he […]

Biden and Trump hold dueling rallies in battleground Minnesota Friday

Poll shows Trump trailing Biden with White women voters Former Clinton White House deputy assistant Matt Bennett and GOP strategist Lauren Claffey Tomlinson weigh in on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump cross paths for a second straight day in a crucial battleground state. On Thursday they faced off in Florida. […]

Biden Campaign Excoriates Facebook For Wrongly Banning Thousands Of Its Ads

Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign excoriated Facebook for being “wholly unprepared to handle this election” after thousands of its ads were allegedly wrongly banned as part of the platform’s pre-election restrictions on political ads.  Facebook announced last month that it would ban all new political ads in the week leading up to the Nov. 3 […]