Japan Urges US Military To Ground Osprey Planes After Latest Accident

In the wake of a U.S. military plane crash off the coast of Japan’s Yakushima Island Wednesday, the Japanese government has urged the Pentagon to ground the operations of its Osprey hybrid planes in te country. Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa said Friday it has been informed by the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo that it […]

Woman disgusted by her mouldy window frame raves over saviour 99p item

Find out how to remove mould from the window seal in minutes Windows typically give mould the optimal conditions for growth during cold and wet spells. Condensation that forms on windows can drip down onto the windowsill, providing mould spores with the moist environment they need to grow. Window frames covered in dirt, dust and dead […]

Interest-free credit card warning as borrowers face 35% charge

Thrifty finance expert shares tips on how to save money on food shopping The festive season typically sees a surge in demand for interest-free credit cards to cover the seasonal splurge. However, new research suggests they are worse value than before and experts warn consumers should beware treating them as an easy option. A typical […]

Interior expert shares best home colour for 2024 – it’s ‘timeless’

A new year spells new beginnings and for many homeowners January 2024 will be a great time to revamp and redecorate.  Enter 2024 with the most up-to-the-minute, fashionable interiors out there with Livingetc’s top colour tips. For Livingetc, a magazine centring around modern home design and style, Roddy Clarke advised that some colours might give […]

Households to be paid to curb their electricity usage tomorrow

An event for the Demand Flexibility Service is taking place tomorrow offering payments for those who reduce their electricity usage during peak times. The National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) runs the scheme with eligible households invited to reduce their usage between 4.30pm and 6pm. An ESO spokesperson said: “Our forecasts show electricity supply margins […]