Brazil Reports Record Covid-19 Deaths as Surge Continues

Brazil had a record day of Covid-19 deaths as the virus shows no signs of easing in Latin America’s largest economy. The country reported 1,262 new deaths on Tuesday, bringing the number of fatalities to 31,199. There were also 28,936 new reported cases, pushing the country’s total to 555,383, behind only the U.S. The nation […]

Senate to consider House bill easing coronavirus PPP restrictions 'soon,' McConnell says

First of the coronavirus PPP loans have been made forgivable The first of the Payroll Protection Program loans are now being made forgivable. FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence with more. Key Senate Republicans have endorsed a bipartisan House bill that would give small business owners who tapped a federal aid program more flexibility in how they spend the […]

How to Protect Yourself (and Those Around You) During a Protest in a Pandemic

In February, two white men chased and confronted Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed Black man, while he was jogging. He was killed during the encounter. In March, police officers crashed into the apartment of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman, and shot her multiple times. And in May, three police officers pinned George Floyd, a Black man, […]

The Joe Biden We've Been Waiting For

Twenty-four hours. Two visions of American leadership that could not be more different. The first was the sitting president, Donald Trump, glowering in front of a church with a borrowed Bible in one hand, posing for a staged photo op made possible by the tear-gassing, assaulting, and violent removal of protesters, journalists, and clergy. The […]

Democratic Leaders Condemn Use Of Tear Gas Against Protesters Ahead Of Trump’s Visit

Democratic leaders have condemned the use of tear gas against protesters ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square. “Tonight the President of the United States used the American military to shoot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets & tear gas them. For a photo op,” Hillary Clinton […]

Property for sale: UK’s buy-to-let hotspots revealed post lockdown

Buy-to-let is more profitable in some areas than other. Certain postcodes are hotspots for the renting business. READ MORE UK house prices suffer largest monthly drop since the Credit Crunch Online broker Mojo Mortgages has analysed popular buy-to-let postcodes across the UK. It revealed where the best yield hotspots currently are, and the places to […]

Officer Shot in Las Vegas; Macy’s Flagship in NYC Is Attacked

(AP) — The Latest on the May 25 death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a knee on his neck: TOP OF THE HOUR: — German minister backs peaceful protests in the US — EU envoy: George Floyd’s death an “appalling” abuse […]

As Protests Swell, Trump Vows To Unleash Military Against Anti-Racist Demonstrations

Speaking from the Rose Garden on Monday evening, Donald Trump issued an unprecedented threat from an American president: that he would send “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” into Washington, D.C., to quell protests and would follow by invoking the Insurrection Act to deploy the military into other U.S. cities if mass protests against police brutality […]