Hubei Adds Fewer Infections as Deaths Reach 1,596: Virus Update

In this article China’s Hubei province, epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, reported fewer new infections for a second straight day on Sunday with 139 deaths overnight, the same as for the previous day. The province had 1,843 new cases, down from 2,420 a day earlier. Total deaths reached 1,596, more than three quarters in Wuhan. […]

Coronavirus infects luxury spending at Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren

How will coronavirus impact retail? Retail analyst Erin Sykes and CFRA chief investment strategist Sam Stovall discuss the impact coronavirus is having on retail and whether there is reason to be distrustful of the Chinese government’s reports on the outbreak. Airlines and casinos aren't the only businesses suffering from the coronavirus health emergency. Continue Reading […]

Charting the Global Economy: Angst Over Coronavirus Mounts

Concerns about the effects of the coronavirus on global supply chains and the economy are becoming more entrenched. With the death toll mounting, the economic disruption from temporary business closures in China prompted economists to trim world growth forecasts. Here’s some of the charts that appeared on Bloomberg this week, offering a pictorial insight into […]

February is a stock love fest for investors

How would Trump reelection impact markets? Nuveen Chief Investment Strategist Brian Nick discusses the 2020 presidential race and how victories for President Trump and Bernie Sanders would affect Wall Street. Valentine’s Day is over, but investors' love affair with stocks may continue all month long and then some if history is any guide. Continue Reading Below […]

Trump's $1.5B uranium bailout triggers rush of mining plans

Three Mile Island, site of America’s worst nuclear power accident, shuts down The 1979 partial meltdown badly damaged public support for nuclear energy; Jacqui Heinrich reports. SALT LAKE CITY — President Donald Trump's $1.5 billion proposal to prop up the country's nuclear fuel industry has emboldened at least one company to take steps toward boosting operations […]