UK Economy Stagnates In Q4

The UK economy stalled in the fourth quarter as uncertainty around Brexit and the general election weighed on investment and spending, first estimates from the Office for National Statistics showed Tuesday. Gross domestic product remained unchanged from the previous three months, as expected, after expanding by a revised 0.5 percent in the third quarter. “There […]

Coronavirus Kills Chinese Film Director/Executive & Multiple Family Members

An executive and director who worked with Hubei Film Studios in Wuhan, China, has died after contracting coronavirus, along with three other members of his immediate family. Chang Kai, 55, succumbed to pneumonia caused by the coronavirus on February 14, Hubei said on social media. His father and mother reportedly died in the preceding days, […]

I Flew to See My Parents and Ended Up in Coronavirus Quarantine

I felt hundreds of eyes staring as my heart pounded, blood rushed to my face and sweat dripped down the back of my neck. I had just stepped off the plane at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, and this wasn’t what I’d expected. For weeks I’d been covering the coronavirus outbreak for Bloomberg News in Hong […]

Apple Won’t Meet Quarterly Revenue Target Due to Coronavirus

Apple Inc. doesn’t expect to meet its revenue guidance for the March quarter due to work slowdowns and lower demand due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in China. The company said that the iPhone, which generates the bulk of Apple’s revenue, is temporarily constrained due to production ramping up more slowly than anticipated. “Work […]

Alstom to buy Bombardier rail unit for up to $6.7 billion

Rep. Garamendi: The high-speed train project is well underway Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) on how President Trump demanded that California pay back the federal government for scaling back its plan to build its $3.5 billion high-speed train project and the president’s push for a border wall. PARIS/MONTREAL — France's Alstom has agreed to buy the rail […]

West Midlands canals to help heat hospitals and homes under plans

The canals of the West Midlands may seem an unlikely source of warmth, but these waterways could soon be used to heat hospitals and tower blocks under a plan to harness Britain’s hidden heating sources. The government has promised to spend more than £20m on nine schemes across the country to exploit cheap, renewable heat […]

Japan’s economy heading for recession, and Germany wobbles

Japan’s economy is heading for a recession this year after figures showed the world’s third largest economy slumped by an annual rate of 6.3% during the last quarter of 2019. Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, is also expected to stumble as the coronavirus epidemic and a slump in trade with China combine with weak […]

Cruise Travel Risks Remain ‘Manageable’ Despite Virus, WHO Says

In this article Cruise ship travel remains a “manageable risk” for now, and it doesn’t make sense to recommend a ban on it, the World Health Organization said, even as the return home of 3,000 travelers from two coronavirus-stricken cruise ships fuels fears of further contagion. “People say we should steer clear of cruise ships, […]

NRIs major gainers from govt’s move to remove DDT

The rationale for the proposed amendment is that since foreign investors were unable to avail of credit on DDT in their home countries, it reduced the rate of return they were able to earn on equity capital, point out Homi Mistry and Reena Poddar. Illustration: Dominic Xavier/ One of the major changes proposed by finance […]

U.S. Stocks Show Notable Rebound After Initial Drop

After initially moving to the downside, stocks have shown a notable rebound over the course of morning trading on Monday. The major averages have bounced well off their lows of the session and into positive territory. In recent trading, the major averages have pulled back off their best levels, but they are holding on to […]