Futures Pointing To Continued Strength On Wall Street

Stocks are likely to move to the upside in early trading on Wednesday, adding to the modest gains posted in the previous session. The major index futures are currently pointing to a higher open for the markets, with the Dow futures up by 141 points. Traders seem committed to continuing to push stocks to new […]

UK inflation at six-month high as petrol and energy prices rise

Inflation jumped to a six-month high of 1.8% in January after a surge in petrol prices and an increase in the cost of gas and electricity over last year. The surprise increase in the consumer prices index (CPI), which exceeded forecasts of a rise to 1.6%, brought the main measure of inflation closer to the […]

FIRE after 50? Yes, you can. Here’s 4 misconceptions about retiring early

Members of what’s known as the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community have one overarching goal: to achieve financial independence. While most FIRE members are in their 20s, 30s and 40s, there is growing interest from people in their 50s and 60s. They see potential in applying the same types of practices that are enabling […]

Tesla Solar Roof Superfans Face Long Waits, Install Times

LISTEN TO ARTICLE SHARE THIS ARTICLE Eric and Tara Neumann are all-in on Tesla Inc. In the summer of 2018, they got an electric Model 3 sedan with the vanity license plate 800DAYZ, as in how long they waited for the $52,000 electric car after putting down their $1,000 deposit. That December, they bought a […]

Coronavirus Gets Its Official Name From WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially named the deadly coronavirus as “COVID-19”. “We now have a name for the disease and it’s ‘COVID-19’,” WHO Secretary General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday. “CO” stands for “corona”, “VI” for “virus” and “D” for “disease”, while “19” represents the year […]

An Economist’s Guide to Spending Bezos’s Billions on Climate Change

Jeff Bezos just announced he will commit $10 billion to fight climate change. That’s both a lot, and not much at all. It’s a lot compared with other private climate funding. In fact, it’s more than anyone else is currently spending on climate. By comparison, the Hewlett Foundation, the single largest private climate funder before […]

India has 76 million entrepreneurs!

‘Wage earners are shrinking. In both, the organised and unorganised sectors. And, entrepreneurs are growing.’‘But the increase in entrepreneurship is of a kind that does not create salaried employment or daily wage employment,’ says Mahesh Vyas. Employment takes many forms and a salaried job is only one of them. The Consumer Pyramids Household Survey (CPHS) […]

Bloomberg having to answer for past controversial issues

Washington (CNN)Michael Bloomberg would sell his financial information and media company if he’s elected president in an effort to be “180 degrees away from where Donald Trump is on these issues,” an adviser to his campaign said Tuesday. The comments come amid a barrage of attacks on Bloomberg from his Democratic rivals over how he’s […]

Dubai Maker of $3.4 Million Supercar Seeks Funds to Go Electric

The maker of a $3.4 million supercar that can hit speeds of almost 250 miles per hour has sensed the time is right to target a wider audience by going electric. Dubai-based luxury carmaker W Motors has hired investment bank Guggenheim Partners to help raise as much as $100 million to back expansion and its […]