Macy’s To Reduce Store Hours In View Of Rising Covid Cases

Big box retail chain Macy’s Inc (M) has decided to cut down its operating hours in the wake of the new wave of coronavirus that is currently sweeping the United States off its feet. According to the website of the company, the outlets will stay open from 11 AM to 8 PM instead of 10 […]

Earnings Previews: BlackRock, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo

The December-quarter earnings season goes into second gear Friday morning. Four of the country’s biggest banks are reporting results, and expectations overall are for results to be outstanding. Even better, higher interest rates could lead to even stronger results for the rest of this year. So far this week, we have seen only a handful […]

Key inflation measure hits 39-year high

New York (CNN Business)Pandemic price hikes didn’t let up in the last month of 2021: A key inflation gauge hit a fresh a 39-year high. The US consumer price inflation index rose 7% over the past year before seasonal adjustments, the steepest climb in prices since June 1982, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday. […]

Senate Committee Gives Greenlight To Eric Garcetti’s Nomination As U.S. Ambassador To India

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to India cleared the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday. Garcetti was among a series of ambassadors and other foreign affairs nominees approved en bloc, meaning the committee approved them in full. Although individual senators raised public objections to some of the nominees, none did to […]

How grocery stores are handling rising food prices

New York (CNNBusiness)Grocery store shelves across America are wiped clean, and they’re staying empty as stores struggle to quickly restock everyday necessities such as milk, bread, meat, canned soups and cleaning products. Disgruntled shoppers have unleashed their frustration on social media over the last several days, posting photos on Twitter of bare shelves at Trader […]

Tesla Has Sold More Than 70,000 In December In China

Breaking into the Chinese market has been of huge success for EV major Tesla Inc. (TSLA) and data published by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on Tuesday has only cemented the claims. According to the agency, Tesla has sold 70,847 vehicles just in December, a record number since Tesla started its production in Shanghai […]

Android CEO Wants Apple To Join Hands

The feud between android and Apple Inc (AAPL) about the “blue bubble” has apparently subsided as Hiroshi Lockheimer has now taken a milder route to ask Apple to join hands. On Monday, Lockheimer tweeted, “we’re not asking Apple to make iMessage available on Android. We’re asking Apple to support the industry standard for modern messaging […]