World Market Trends At 6 A.M. ET

Here is a snapshot of the global markets across stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Most Asian benchmarks gained as the Fed’s stance appeared strong enough for inflation combat without hurting economic recovery. European stocks are trending higher as the post-Fed relief eclipsed fears of aggressive monetary policy action by ECB or BOE. American stock futures are surging in the backdrop of an upbeat policy outlook shared by the Fed. The Dollar Index declined as the Fed decision was mostly in line with the expectations. Ten-year bond yields eased in the U.S. but remained firm in Europe ahead of the monetary policy review there. Oil prices rose amidst falling crude oil stock piles that kindled hopes of resilient demand for oil. Gold bounced back as Dollar retreated and the Fed was not more hawkish than feared. Cryptocurrencies joined in the relief rally post the Fed’s announcements. Bitcoin is up more than 1 percent.

Stock Indexes:

DJIA at 36,162.70, up 0.65%
S&P 500 at 4,743.80, up 0.72%
Germany’s DAX at 15,736.45, up 1.68%
U.K.’s FTSE 100 at 7,251.57, up 1.13%
France’s CAC 40 at 7,019.12, up 1.32%
Euro Stoxx 50 at 4,231.95, up 1.74%
Japan’s Nikkei 225 at 29,066.32, up 2.13%
Australia’s S&P ASX 200 at 7,295.70, down 0.43%
China’s Shanghai Composite at 3,675.02, up 0.75%
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng at 23,475.50, up 0.23%


EURUSD at 1.1294, up 0.08%
GBPUSD at 1.3277 up 0.11%
USDJPY at 114.17, up 0.13%
AUDUSD at 0.7199, up 0.45%
USDCAD at 1.2779, down 0.40%
Dollar Index at 96.29, down 0.23%

Ten-Year Govt Bond Yields:

U.S. at 1.439%, down 1.54%
Germany at -0.3610%, up 0.55%
France at -0.014%, up 14.71%
U.K. at 0.7370%, up 0.14%
Japan at 0.040%, down 9.09%


Crude Oil WTI Futures (January) at $71.64, up 1.09%
Brent Oil Futures (February) at $74.60, up 0.97%
Gold Futures (February) at $1,787.15, up 1.28%


Bitcoin at $49,152.28 up 1.76%
Ethereum at $4,048.92, up 4.76%
Binance Coin at $539.94, up 2.39%
Solana at $184.12, up 10.65%
Cardano at $1.31, up 4.48%

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