With Raiders Barring Fans, the Most Valuable NFL Ticket Market Is Shut Down for 2020

By TicketIQ

With the Las Vegas Raiders announcing that they will be playing their 2020 home games at Allegiant Stadium without fans, we thought it would be interesting to see the estimated ticket market value loss for those games. The estimate is based on the secondary market value before the recent announcement *number of seats* number of games played at reduced capacity. This is not a precise measure, but the simplest way to benchmark the magnitude of losses, by team.

For the Raiders, that estimated ticket market value loss is $571 million, which is the highest for any team in the NFL.

For the entire NFL, the estimated ticket market value losses would be nearly $7 billion if fans were not allowed to attend any games in 2020.

At $1,098 per seat, the Raiders had the highest secondary market average list price in the NFL following May’s 2020 schedule release.

We’ve also created an NFL COVID-19 Safety Index based on daily active cases compared to the national average * Rt.live, a measure of how fast the virus is spreading in each state. The Safety Index is not meant as a recommendation to attend events in any market, but just one interpretation of publicly-available data.

We’ve broken down our Safety Index into 3 categories. Teams highlighted in Green are the safest. A Yellow rating is a low-medium risk. Orange or Red ratings are the riskiest. We’ll be updating every two weeks to track progress by state.

Safety Index dashboard that we update regularly which can be found here.

TicketIQ Blog post with the dashboard and 2020 NFL ticket data.

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