This Is Who to Contact If Your Facebook Account Might Be Hacked

A number of media sources say Facebook was hacked. Records for as many as 533 million people were exposed. That is more than 40% greater than the population of the United States. Among the hacked data available on the web, apparently, was the phone number of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Bloomberg reported that the records exposed include “phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birth dates, bios and in some cases email addresses.” Business Insider reports that the universe of people whose records had been exposed included “users from 106 countries, including over 32 million records on users in the US, 11 million on users in the UK, and 6 million on users in India.”

Facebook says the flaw that exposed the records was fixed in 2019. Nevertheless, experts say much of the information about the Facebook members on the list is accurate. Facebook’s response to the news was this: “This is old data that was previously reported on in 2019. We found and fixed this issue in August 2019.”

The problems created by the hack are not over. CNN was told by Alon Gal, the chief technology officer of cyber intelligence firm Hudson Rock, that he could match records from the hack to the phone numbers of two CNN employees.

Facebook won’t answer additional questions from the press about the hack. That most likely means it will not address the problem with anxious Facebook members.

24/7 Wall St. was able to gather information on three potential sources for answers to questions. However, there is no guarantee they will reply.

Corporate Secretary (for a message to board of directors)
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Deborah Crawford
Investor Relations
[email protected]

Ryan Moore
Press Relations
[email protected]

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