Rio Vista Universal, Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide, Priscilla Presley To Develop ‘Almythea’ Film Series

EXCLUSIVE: Rio Vista Universal, Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide, and Priscilla Presley are developing a sci-fi film franchise from the Almythea book series, which set in an alternate universe with a range of characters and a detailed back story of a 1000 year war. The first fill focus on Almythea – Rise of Wingtar and Almythea – The Battle for our Souls, the first two books in the series by writer and creator A.J. Cootes.

Cinematographer Bruce Logan, who lensed Tron, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Batman Forever) has signed on to direct the introductory film. He’s known for his special effects work such as blowing up the death star on Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Steven A. Finly is adapting the screenplay.

Almythea follows the adventures of Little Hawk, a young villager who dreams of becoming a warrior, his childhood sweetheart Broken Arrows, who is betrothed to the fabled Astra champion, the complex and bitter tyrant Terrian Diomedes, aka The Lost One, and his winged temptress overlord, the sinister and duplicitous Raven Weaver. Set against the background of a 1000 year war between spiritual, immortal warriors known as the E3 and Diomedes, Little Hawk’s fate is manipulated by a rebellious E3 shaman, Grey Paw. This parallel universe brims with mythical creatures ranging from the enchanting, pixie-like “Fleafs,” to vaporous “Evil-Whisperers” and more.

Presley and Peter Bergmann of Porchlight (Lost World, Xena) will serve as exec producers.

“We were scheduled to be at WonderCon in Anaheim, California and in San Diego Comic-Con where last year we partnered with The Jim Henson Company and licensed the FARSCAPE brand for the 20th anniversary,” said James Ganiere, Rio Vista Universal CEO.  “We were on track to promote and expand our sci-fi/fantasy fan base with this new franchise Almythea at the conventions. The first book was launched in Australia, fall 2019 at Supernova pop culture comic book convention with author A.J. Cootes and headlined by Cliff Simon (Stargate franchise’s Lord Ba’al). Most would see the cancelation of comic conventions as a huge set back, but team Almythea pivoted and focused on feature film attachments. The lull in activity provided team Almythea an opportunity to put together a formidable team during this slow period. As a consequence Almythea as a project is now much further along with the feature film than we imagined we would have been at this stage.”



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