Job Chances Of ‘Lockdown Generation’ May Be Affected For Decades

The job opportunities of younger workers will be disproportionately affected for decades due to COVID-19, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) says in its latest report on the impacts of the pandemic on global employment.

More than one in six young people have stopped working since the start of the health crisis, while those who remain employed have seen their working hours cut by 23 per cent, according to the UN agency.

The substantial and rapid increase in youth unemployment seen since February is affecting young women more than young men.

“The COVID-19 economic crisis is hitting young people – especially women – harder and faster than any other group,” said ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder.

The report is calling for urgent, large-scale programs to support young people, describing them as a “lockdown generation.”

“ILO Monitor: “COVID-19 and the world of work. 4th edition” recommends rigorous testing and tracing (TT) of COVID-19 infection to create a safe environment for returning to work.

In countries with strong testing and tracing, the average fall in working hours is reduced by as much as 50 per cent, the study found.

An estimated 4.8 per cent of working hours were lost during the first quarter of 2020, which is equivalent to approximately 135 million full-time jobs.

The estimated number of jobs lost in second quarter remains unchanged at 305 million.

in terms of lost working hours, the Americas (13.1 per cent), Europe and Central Asia (12.9 per cent each) are the worst-hit in the second quarter.

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