Desperate Joe Biden Back For Big Hollywood Fundraiser Next Month, If He’s Still In The Race

Just coming off what looks to be his best debate performance so far, Joe Biden is heading back to Hollywood next month for a major Hollywood fundraiser, if he is still running.

Facing a virtual do or die for his latest Presidential bid in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, the ex-Vice-President will be hosted by Sherry Lansing at her Los Angeles home on March 4. Co-hosted by the former Veep’s one-time Senate colleague Dianne Feinstein and cabinet hopeful L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, tickets for Biden’s latest visit to the Hollywood ATM range from $1,000 to the individual legal maximum of $2,800.

The former Paramount Pictures CEO has long been an active contributor in Democratic circles, including a July 2016 sit-down with VP nominee-to-be Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

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Of course, with the fundraiser coming the day after Super Tuesday, once frontrunner Biden may not even be in the race coming the Lansing event. March 3 will see primaries in 13 states, including California, and the American Samoa caucuses voting. Right now, Biden is leading among Democrats in South Carolina, which he has to win for his campaign to survive – as his post-debate tweet makes apparent:

Pitch in if you agree:

— Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) February 26, 2020

However, regardless if Biden wins South Carolina or not, 1344 pledged delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday going into the Democrats’ Milwaukee convention of July 13-16, Long campaign short: Super Tuesday will provide a sharp culling of candidates.

Having come a distant second in the Nevada caucuses last weekend, Biden is in third place overall delegate-wise, behind Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Even though he is a very well known entity in Tinseltown donor circles, Biden has struggled to seal the deal with big backers of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in this election’s crowded race for the Democrats’ White House nomination. Despite a number of trips out here to seek checks from heavy hitters like one-time kingmaker Jeffrey Katzenberg, Biden has yet to get the financial commitment he needs to take on his fellow Dems and eventually Donald Trump.

Or as Biden said tonight in the just concluded brawling CBS hosted debate: “Why am I stopping, no one else stops.”

BTW – Dr. Jill Biden will be in LA tomorrow to talk with members of the Latino LGB community at The Wall Las Memorias Project. No official fundraiser, Hollywood or otherwise, are on the ex-Second Lady’s calendar.

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