Coronavirus In L.A. County: 81 New Deaths Reported, Highest Single-Day Total Since Outbreak Began

In the deadliest day yet since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Los Angeles County officials on Saturday reported 81 new deaths, and 642 additional cases. That brings the total to 576 deaths and 12,021 cases.

“Today marks a very sad milestone for our county, we are reporting the highest number of COVID-19 deaths for any one day since the beginning of the pandemic, and our deepest condolences go out to each and every person grieving the loss of their loved ones,” Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the county Department of Public Health, said in a statement.

Ferrer added that she’s particularly concerned about the impact the pandemic is having on long-term care facilities.

“In this last week we have doubled the number of deaths that occurred among LA County residents. We are especially concerned about the overwhelming number of residents residing in our nursing homes who have passed away,” she said.

Ferrer said that she’s requested additional support from the state and federal governments to ensure that nursing homes are as safe as possible for residents and employees.

“This includes asking for supplementary staffing and PPE, increased ability to test residents and employees, and improvements in infection control capacity at nursing homes,” she said.

Of the 576 deaths, 89% had underlying health conditions, Ferrer said. Information about race and ethnicity was available for 498 victim or roughly 93%. Of the 498, 36% were Latinx residents, 29% were white residents, 17% were Asian, 16% were African American, and 3% identified as other races.

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