Coronavirus Daily Infection Rate Returns To 20000-plus Mark In US

Coronavirus infection rate again crossed the 20000 mark in the United States.

With 22,368 new cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of infections in the country rose to 1,551,853, as of John Hopkins University’ 6:00 a.m. ET update.

With an additional 1528 deaths, the total death toll in the U.S. reached 93,439.

In New York, the epicenter of the country’s outbreak, more than 354,000 cases have been reported and 28,636 have died so far.

When adjusted for population, that translates to about 1,822 known cases and 147 deaths for every 100,000 residents in the state, according to CNN. This is higher than the total numbers in both categories reported in Spain, the world’s third worst affected country.

The death toll in New Jersey, the second worst-affected state, reached 10,749. A total of 150,776 infections have been reported so far there.

Michigan (5060 deaths, 53009 infections), Massachusetts (6066 deaths, 88970 infections), Louisiana (2608 deaths, 35316 infections), Illinois (4525 deaths, 100418 infections), Pennsylvania (4770 deaths, 68126 infections), California (3497 deaths, 85997 infections), Connecticut (3529 deaths, 39017 infections), Texas (1426 deaths, 51673 infections), Georgia (1697 deaths, 39801 infections), Maryland (2123 deaths, 42323 infections), Florida (2096 deaths, 47471 infections), Indiana (1864 deaths, 29274 infections), Ohio (1781 deaths, 29436 infections) and Colorado (1299 deaths, 22797 infections) are the worst-affected states.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Ford Motor Co.’s Rawsonville manufacturing plant in Ypsilanti on Thursday, ignoring Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order banning nonessential visits to manufacturing facilities in Michigan to avoid spread of coronavirus.

In a report published after all 50 states partially reopened, researchers at Columbia University said 84 percent of COVID-19 deaths and 82 percent of infections could have been prevented if lock down was implemented in the United States two weeks earlier.

Connecticut has allowed restaurants, offices, stores and malls to reopen, maintaining safety measures.

Religious gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed to resume in New York, while people will be allowed to visit 16 hospitals in the state.

With lockdowns lifted, the FBI is warning that there could be a surge in hate crimes in the country. Attacks targeting Asian American health-care workers are reportedly on the rise.

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