Booking switch to seaside makes holidaymakers so happy – The Crusader

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Rosalind Rawlings and her sister Pam called off a visit to the Midlands last year when the person they had an appointment with had to cancel because of Covid.

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The pair had a shared room reservation for three days with independent hotel group Travelodge and they cancelled a week before heading off.

While the chain’s flexible rate booking enables a refund, its discounted saver rate option does not. 

“We didn’t expect our money back, and didn’t want that,” Rosalind told Crusader.

But, as they wanted to remain customers, they had hoped the booking date could be switched and Travelodge might be able to stretch to that.

And the company did, but the voucher it issued was still for the same hotel and location.

“We live in the south east and have no need to go back to the Midlands so we asked if we could use the voucher for somewhere else,” they explained when asking for Crusader’s help.

But after several emails and six months later they hadn’t heard about their request. 

Conditions are conditions, but given Travelodge had already tried to help in this case we asked if it could go the extra mile and transfer the voucher.

The sisters have now heard and they are all set for destination Hastings later this summer.

The Travelodge there is just 10 minutes from the beach and very near the buzzing old town quarter. “This is just what we wanted, thank you,” they told Crusader. 

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