Americans are calming their election nerves by watching a fantastically boring livestream of workers counting ballots

  • Amid a nail-biter of an election, Americans are searching for sweet, sweet relief — by watching a livestream of workers literally counting ballots in Pennsylvania.
  • The Philadelphia City Commissioner's office opted to set up the livestream amid attempts from President Donald Trump in recent weeks to baselessly sow doubt in the state's vote-counting process.
  • "Pennsylvanians will not be intimidated. You can watch us count every vote and have a fair election," Gov. Tom Wolf tweeted Monday.
  • On Wednesday, Commissioner Al Schmidt reiterated that Philadelphia "will NOT stop counting ALL legitimate votes cast by eligible voters. And we will report and report and report until the last vote is counted."

  • He tweeted a link to the livestream and urged followers to "see for yourself."
  • The video shows dozens of masked, gloved, socially distanced workers wearing bright yellow and orange vests and sorting through ballots.
  • The workers can be seen lifting the ballots from stacks, unfolding them, then re-stacking them — over, and over, and over again.
  • Philadelphia Magazine dubbed the livestream "the single best election distraction out there," and a number of Twitter users remarked on how calming and reassuring it was to watch democracy in action.
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Watch the livestream below:
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